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Spiritual Psychiatry to Heal Mental Health

Holistic Mental Health Wellness Inc. acknowledges that in every human being there resides a spiritual dimension that seeks the purpose of your existence. Your mind is a wellspring of emotions and spiritual vibes. With innate healing abilities, it is a powerhouse of energy; if you don’t control it, it controls you.

I, Tangee Moscoso, focus on this aspect of spiritual psychiatry to improve your mental health. With many years of experience, I offer holistic healing to those suffering from various mental health conditions, which include but not limited to: addictions, bipolar, depression, anxiety, schizoaffective disorder, all affective disorders, eating disorders, ADHD, weight management and specialize in Trauma.

Step Out and Empower Yourself!

I work by getting to the root of your symptoms for effective healing. Minimizing and eventually eliminating the medications used for treating your mental health symptoms, if you choose, and when you are ready. I boost your ability to stay proactive in your healing journey. This apart, I also emphasize on various holistic modalities, supplements where needed and none medications to include: Meditation, spirituality, yoga, energy healing: Reiki sessions are offered live, exercise therapy,  EMDR, and various others that influence mental and overall health wellness.

Individuals, workshops or large company groups – I cater to all. Presently I serve in Illinois for medication management services however all other services can be provided internationally though some require for you to be live, and soon we will be setting my footprint in other states in the near future to include Hawaii.

Holistic Mental Health Wellness Inc.

Awaken to your Light, Love, Wellness and Unlimited Potential!

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  • Cigna

  • United Healthcare

  • Blue Cross/ Blue Shield

  • Tricare

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