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Integrative Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


Tangee Moscoso APN, MSN, PMHNP-BC

I am the owner and founder of Holistic Mental Health Wellness Inc., which originated long before it was founded in 2015. I started in the field of psychiatry in 2005, as a floor nurse at an urban hospital in Chicago. There, I saw how the deprivation of social, physical, mental, spiritual nurturing, and love from others and towards ourselves can impact one's psyche. In addition, having grown up in a 3rd world country,  where poverty, neglect, and abuse were not uncommon, and facing  many challenges of all flavors, as all humans do, I began to see how nothing is an accident but that all of our experiences  can help propel us to become our greatest selves, if we choose.  My education and more so my own experiences,  have more than  prepared me to do my current work, which I am passionate about. As I went through my own healing journey, I awakened to this inner knowing that challenges were indeed opportunities which ultimately lead us to align with our higher power; in this way discovering our true essence. As I started practicing as an APN, after graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago, I soon found that though there is a place for medication in the treatment of psychiatric illnesses, in particular; one cannot ignore that there are holistic options that don't only treat the symptoms but can heal at the core of the problem. My journey has led me to my relentless love for all, and the burning desire to help others find their way to their own healing journey. This has become my mission, helping everyone not just those diagnosed with mental illness, reach their highest potential!   

Mission Statement

Family Psychiatric Nurse practitioner- locally, and via Telemedicine 

To provide holistic mental health care,  transformational coaching to those seeking healing from various mental health conditions as well as those seeking to reach peak performance in all areas of life to include mental/emotional health as well as physical wellness. My intention is to join you on your journey, where we get to the root of the symptoms, not merely treating the surface level symptoms and managing disease and other conditions with medications only. If on medications,  if you choose, I aim to help you  in minimizing the amount of medications used to treat your symptoms, leading to the possibility of no medications. If not seeking medication management, helping you get to root of your limiting beliefs, and behaviors stopping you from reaching your highest potential.This will require  full investment in yourself & if you are committed to you, and to your journey, there is always hope and endless possibilities!

**Disclaimer: Results vary depending on individual and not guaranteed

Holistic Mental Health Wellness Inc.
Holistic Mental Health Wellness Inc.


I believe that life is a perfect journey with the goal of awakening, and consciously aligning ourselves with spirit, despite of your religious beliefs. The more we consciously do this, the better we are able to give the best of ourselves; unconditionally, to ourselves and the world around us. As we do this, we contribute to the world knowing and realizing that with our uniqueness and perfect gifts, we can indeed make our lives and  other’s lives better because we are all one on the same journey!